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Amanda Gore

Amanda was hired as the keynote speaker for Executive Women International’s (EWI) Leadership Conference and Annual Meeting on the 19 September 2013. She delivered a high energy presentation that had all 400 attendees on their feet. Her key message of embracing change resonated so well that we continually heard our members reciting key components, adding her signature song as their personal ring tones and imitating her actions throughout the rest of the conference. She set a tone for the entire conference which was one of incredible positivity. The results at our Annual Meeting were unprecedented. I would not hesitate to recommend Amanda to any conference organizer that wants to engage their membership! So much fun and wisdom!”

– Karen Skirten – Executive Women’s International Leadership Conference

Amanda Gore

Allan Pease

Your delivery on the night was powerful, and touched the hearts of all those present and I was extremely impressed by the level of care your office took in preparing to meet the needs of our members and guests.”
– National Speakers Association

Allan Pease


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